What They Should Wear

Gwyneth Paltrow for Iron Man 2

This look from Dries van Noten would be perfect for Gwyn, it is a basic, structured suit but with a unique hippie twist which I think would suit her personality perfectly.
This is one dress I'm dying to see on the red carpet. This look from Isabel Marant is perfect for Gwyn if she wants to raise the stakes while still looking cool and chic. It would show off her whole body from legs, to waist, to arms and shoulders.
This blue number from Halston has me drooling. Can you imagine her in this beautiful color? It would look so stunning against her complexion. The cut outs on this keep it from looking too cute as well.
I want so bad for Gwyn to rock the shit out of a Le Smoking suit. This one from Givenchy is perfectly tailored for someone as tall as Gwyn. The red color also makes these basic pieces look really fashion forward.
This is another dress that I want so badly to have a red carpet moment. This would be perfect for somewhere sexy like the premiere in Spain or Brazil. The slit on the hip will just make her legs look even longer than they actually are.
This look to me is perfect for a casual press call or a smaller premiere. It's from Stella McCartney's pre-fall collection so we all know it will look amazing on Gwyn (Stella's clothes always do).
I'm in love with Valentino's pre-fall collection and so is everyone else judging from the fact that over half of it has been worn by various celebs. This dress needs to get snapped up by Gwyn a.s.a.p. This color would look amazing on her while the body-con fit would make her figure look even better.

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