Best Dressed: SAG Awards

Generally speaking about last nights SAG Awards, everyone kinda played it safe. You know it's a boring night when my favorite dress is on Amy Adams (no offense, she just always kinda plays it safe). Notable ones last night were Natalie Portman for getting her shit together after that sheet she wore at the Golden Globes and Nicole Kidman for actually doing something sexy and new. Also Hailee Steinfeld really brought it in a totally fresh and age appropriate Prada gown.

Nicole Kidman
Nina Ricci
Helena Bonham Carter
Marc Jacobs
Amy Adams
Hervé Leroux
Natalie Portman
Mila Kunis
Alexander McQueen
Kyra Sedgwick
Vintage Thierry Mugler Couture
Julianna Margulies
Yves Saint Laurent
Hailee Steinfeld
Hilary Swank


Simply Céline


What Should She Wear: Anne Hathaway

You know the minute the news came out that Anne Hathaway would be hosting this years Oscars Team Zoe was loosing their collective shit. I'm sure even Rodger and Rachel's unborn baby were even on style.com looking up couture. Another thing you know is that Rachel Zoe will not let Anne wear anything boring, especially after the huge splash Anne made at the Golden Globes wearing that perfectly edgy Armani Privé. So here are my picks for what Anne should wear during the ceremony because let's face it, she will be in a new dress every time she comes out.

This Chanel is a perfect mix of classic, edgy, and modern. Make the hem longer and throw on some sapphires and your made.
Both Rachel and Anne love Oscar de la Renta and this hot pink gown is perfect for both Anne's coloring and her personality.
Another beautiful Oscar gown that I think Anne should wear is this one, tone down the tulle a bit and it's the perfect option to wear during the opening segment.
Anne also loves nude tones and they look great on her (see this past years MET Gala) so this sexy and innocent Donna Karan dress is perfect for her.
Never one to stray from a bold print, Anne would look heavenly in this beautifully constructed Giambattista Valli dress.
Just picture it, Anne with her pale skin and rich brown hair in this bright pink gown. Plus I love this dress so much I won't rest until I see it on the red carpet. It is simply too perfect to not wear!
Rachel Zoe, Harvey Weinstein, and Georgina Chapman seem to have an understanding. Zoe's girls wear Marchesa, get tons of pictures taken in it, raise the profile of his wife's line and the girls get a producer. This is called show business for a reason. So if Anne must wear a Marchesa gown this one would look stunning on her.
The House of Valentino loves Anne and Anne loves the House of Valentino (again, see last years MET Gala) so you know that she could get her hands on this Valentino Couture gown right off the runway. This is my pick for her red carpet look. It's the perfect mix of sweet and modern.
Another great option for Anne is this Burberry Prorsum gown. It's simple, it's edgy, and it's toned down enough not to steal the show from the winners.
My final pic is this J. Mendel burnt orange gown. The silhouette is classic but the construction is very much so modern. And the color? I D-I-E (sorry, I couldn't make it through this without at least one Zoe-ism).


Best Dressed: Golden Globes

Julianne Moore

The general reaction online is people either love it or they hate it. Well guess what? I love it! Julianne looked every inch the edgy fashionista that she is. The way she wove her Bulgari necklace into the neckline of the dress is beyond perfect and the color on her was stunning. Also on her left hand she had not one but two giant Bulgari emerald rings. With emerald being my favorite gemstone it was enough to make my weak at the knees just thinking about it.

Anne Hathaway
Armani Privé

On the red carpet Anne has given us looks that range from edgy, to princess, to glamourous, to wholesome but she has never given us anything like this. She worked the red carpet in a dress that is like Joan of Arc met Barbarella in all the right ways. The palettes, the strong shoulders, the cut out back, the retro hair, it all worked. This ladies and gentlemen is a look that will be remembered for years to come.

Angelina Jolie
Atelier Versace

It was in between Angelina Jolie and Nicole Kidman for who I expected to be the most boring on the red carpet with their choices. Well, Nicole bored me to tears and then this came down the red carpet. Shimmering with Swarovski crystals and pinned and tucked in all the right places Angelina took the red carpet by storm. The color was rich and perfectly complimented her coloring and the cut was beyond perfect. I was so in love with this look the minute I saw it I knew she would top my own list of the best dressed no matter who showed up wearing what.