Hot Child in The City

As promised here is Dree Hemingway's editorial for Vogue Nippon

The Originals

I'm starting a new series of posts of some of the more original characters in fashion today. While I may not like everything they wear, I have to respect them for being themselves and wearing what they love, which is what fashion is all about.
My first original is Dita Von Teese. Dita has been rocking red nails, Louboutins, and retro silhouettes before they were cool. She is the definition of the glamorous bombshell for today. She also has really earned herself a place in the front rows of fashion week. It takes alot of balls to wear a blue wedding dress.


Hot Mama

Shoe Porn


Baby You'll Be Famous...




I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend! I'm going to be traveling alot so this very well may be my last post till Monday. Happy Thanksgiving!

Born to Rock

I want my mom to be Jerry Hall and my dad to be Mick Jagger!