Top Ten of Fall 2010-2011

How exactly does Christopher Bailey do it? How does he always seem to make such simple items of clothing so lush and desirable? This collection was very traditional while being radical at the same time. Classic Burberry trench? Yes, but done in ways that were anything but classic like bright blue, cropped, and even fur. Bomber jackets? Yes, but on some sort of chic steroid. Military boots? Yes, but either up to the thigh or covered in S&M straps and buckles.
This whole collection ran the gamut of fashion. A hot pink mini dress for the 15 year old. A killer pair of python thigh high boots for the 20-something fashionista. A chubby fur cape for the 35 year old mogul. The 40-60 crowd will no doubt be clamoring for the structured dresses, skirts, and tops. Over 60? No problem. The trenches and dresses are chic and modest while being far from matronly.
Bravo Christopher Bailey, Bravo.

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