It Girl

Elena Perminova
Age: 25
Nationality: Russian
Occupation: Editor for POP, model, socialite

After growing up in less than ideal circumstances in Siberia, Elena Perminova has emerged as one of the "it girls" of the fashion scene. Growing up in poverty she had some brushes with the law due to her ex-boyfriend who forced her to peddle drugs for him in clubs, she has emerged from her dark past and is currently in a long term relationship and has had a child with Alexander Lebedev, a Russian billionaire who helped her and her family with Elena's legal troubles when she was 16.

Elena's ability to wear just about anything is almost uncanny. She transitions from sweet, simple looks to the most avant garde and dark looks with ease. With a innocent face and a wire-thin figure made for couture she has made it clear that the Russians are back and giving even the most seasoned street style celebrities a run for their money. Watch your back girls, the Ruskies are in town.


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