What Should She Wear?

Academy Awards Edition
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 Viola Davis
This is Viola's night, no question about it. At this point it doesn't even really matter if she wins or not, she has everyone buzzing about both her beauty and her talent. What better for the awards season golden girl to wear than this stunning Marchesa number? It is both flattering and glamourous, perfect for one of the newest Hollywood powerplayers.
 Meryl Streep
Michael Kors
If Viola doesn't win the big award, Meryl will. However, we all know Meryl likes to play it safe. This Michael Kors gown is age appropriate, flattering, bold, and conservative. That seems like the perfect mix for the always talented and bold Ms. Streep.
 Glenn Close
Giambattista Valli Haute Couture
When a woman hits a certain age in Hollywood it's like they establish some sort of boring uniform for the red carpet. This polka dot gown would be the perfect way to subtly push that envelope while still remaining in her comfort zone.
 Octavia Spencer
Badgley Mischka
Let's face it, if Octavia doesn't win, there might be riots in the streets. This subtle number is perfect for her I feel because appears the be universally flattering while on trend and packing a punch with the low neckline and the sequins. It's the perfect way to show skin while remaining subtle and refined.
 Jessica Chastain
Christian Dior Haute Couture
I think it's fair to say Jessica won't win anything today, except maybe an ensemble award for The Help. However, she is the hardest working actress in Hollywood right now with about a million movies coming out this year. This Dior number would work perfectly with her pale skin and make the style statement she has yet to make: watch out, I'm gonna be huge.
 Emma Stone
Let's face it, if anyone is going to go for it on Oscar night it's going to be Emma Stone. The girl of the moment has both the public and the fashion world drooling at both her simple beauty and her on point fashion choices. This Gucci dress is the perfect gown to show a little bit of sex appeal while remaining sweet.
 Rooney Mara
Givenchy Haute Couture
When Riccardo Tisci presented his Couture collection last month it wasn't really a question of if Rooney Mara would wear one of the stunning gowns from the collection to the Oscars but which one? While some placed bets on the one shoulder chained number, I'm holding out for this gown. It has elements Rooney is clearly comfortable with; edgy, neutral color, touch of lady like glamour. What this dress brings that Rooney hasn't, or won't, tap into is sex appeal. With her slender, boxing toned physique this backless gown would ensure she would be making and entrance and an exit.
 Rachel McAdams
Zac Posen
While Rachel herself isn't nominated, Midnight in Paris is. This makes it understandable if she wants to go understated glamour instead of a show stopping gown. Rachel has really brought it this past year in the style stakes. She went from being completely off my radar to zooming to the front (the red lace Marchesa in Cannes anyone?). This Zac Posen gown would show off her curves, look stunning with her coloring, and add a big of refined, glamourous sex appeal.
 Michelle Williams
Giambattista Valli Haute Couture
Michelle Williams has established a bit of a uniform at this point, Peter Pan colors, lace, crew necks, and cap sleeves are a few of her signatures. She also is not afraid to take a risk and play with color. This gown is more of a subtle statement, the print is bold but not overwhelming and the silhouette is classic but fashion foward. I might edit the neckline a bit to make it more commercial but this gown would surely land her on the best dressed lists.
Shailene Woodley
Oscar de la Renta
So, while Shailene got snubbed by the Academy, she got nominated at every other award show and her film is still up for Best Picutre. One thing that is slightly annoying to me about Shailene is that she seems to be afraid to really go for it. She flirts with the edge but doesn't actually go over it, she seems to be stuck in princess mode. Well, I don't exactly blame her, going from ABC Family to the Oscars would make anyone want to dress up like a princess. So why not dress up like a dark princess? This Oscar de la Renta gown incorporates the whole princess theme but with an edgy, fashion twist. It's a sure fire winner.

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