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Veronica Lake
Known for her long blonde locks and her ice blue eyes (hence her last name of 'Lake' given to her by a Paramount producer) Veronica was inspiring women's hairstyles decades before others with her trademark peek-a-boo bangs that seductively covered one eye. During the 1940's Lake's hairstyle was so popular she had to have press pictures taken with her hair up so women who were working in the factories during the war wouldn't try to imitate her style and thus, get their hair caught in a machine. Known as being one of the 'It' girls of the 1940's Veronica dominated the femme fatale role for the decade. While her fame faded and she was overcome with various mental health issues to this day the name Veronica Lake is synonymous with old Hollywood glamour.

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  1. I wrote on my blog last week my icons, it's so lovely to research the beatuiful past! x